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The Wood family of Arborfield Hall Farm of the mid 1900s 25-Jan-2019 Updated
Data CD replaced. Census and Parish Regster data now freely available. 29-Mar-2018 Updated
Bearwood Estate Auction Sale September 1912 25-Dec-2015 New
Bearwood Estate Auction Sales 1911 - both Outlying Portions and Mansion 30-Nov-2015 Updated
Sarah Hargreaves and her family at Arborfield Hall 10-Feb-2014 Updated
Thomas Hargreaves -living apart in Bishopstoke, Hampshire 10-Feb-2014 New
The Hargreaves family 10-Feb-2014 Updated
The Wood family of Arborfield Hall Farm of the mid 1900s 10-Feb-2014 New
Old Churchyard Working Parties 28-Nov-2012 Updated
Cottage Garden Show held at the Remount Depot 1936 01-Oct-2012 New
Diamond Jubilee Celebration - Walk, Monday 4th June 2012 08-Jun-2012 New
From Hosepipe Ban to Floods - Early 2012 in Arborfield 08-May-2012 New
The opening of Martin's Pool in Wokingham in 1934 26-Dec-2011 New
No Mod. Cons. - no electricity for some until the mid 1950s 08-Dec-2011 New
Aerial photo of Arborfield Cross and Garrison from 30th August 1961 30-Aug-2011 New
Garrison Housing - updated with aerial photo from 1961 30-Aug-2011 Updated
Families - Sturges of Barkham Square - and Newlands 30-Aug-2011 New
The growth of Reading down to the River Loddon, as forecast in 1934 30-Aug-2011 New
Garth Hunt meetings starting in Wokingham Town centre, 1933 25-Aug-2011 New
The saga of the Arborfield Playing Fields Association, 1960-1971 20-Aug-2011 New
Bentley Family - includes wedding of Guy Bentley to Nell Smith, 1933 20-Aug-2011 Updated
Opening of Arborfield Water Pumping Station, 1933 04-Aug-2011 New
Families - Allsebrook 04-Aug-2011 New
Collier Collection A.373 - Magpie and Parrot - additional photos 04-Aug-2011 Updated
The River Loddon - was it once a navigable waterway? 28-Jul-2011 Updated
Families: Captain and Mrs. Stuart Rickman 21-Jul-2011 New
Auctions: Arborfield Grange, 1887 21-Jul-2011 New
Auctions: Arborfield Grange, 1914 21-Jul-2011 New
Auctions: Arborfield Grange, 1921 21-Jul-2011 New
The Berkshire Local History Club's notes on Arborfield, 1889-90 30-Jun-2011 New
Arborfield Hall Farm, as seen in 2011 18-Jun-2011 New
Arborfield Hall Sale 1926 - map showing threatened ribbon development 09-Jun-2011 New
Bound Oak - an ancient tree still alive in 2011 02-Jun-2011 New
"Byways in Berkshire and the Cotswolds" by Peter Ditchfield, 1920 26-May-2011 New
"Byways" Chapter 8: Wokingham to Miss Mitford's Country - via Arborfield 26-May-2011 New
"Byways" Chapter 9: Swallowfield to Kingsley's Country - via Arborfield 26-May-2011 New
Pub landlords in 1815 - from the September Quarter Sessions 18-May-2011 New
Richard Maynard, landlord of 'The Swan', 1842 21-Nov-2010 New
Memories of Elizabeth Reynolds, née Applin, of Arborfield Hall in 1950 11-Sep-2010 New
Joshua Anderson, Arborfield Rector, 1898-1945 - photo from 1898 added 12-May-2010 Updated
School photo of children in 1947 12-May-2010 New
Wartime memories of childhood at Brook Cottage 11-Apr-2010 New
Remembrance Sunday, November 8th 2009 08-Nov-2009 New
Selected local Parish Register entries for St. Catherine's, Bearwood 27-Jul-2009 New
George Franklin, who died in 1869 in a tragic accident, and his family 06-Jun-2009 New
The Simonds family 02-May-2009 Updated
John Walter II of Bearwood (1777 - 1847) 02-May-2009 New
Properties - Bearwood 04-Apr-2009 Updated
John Walter III of Bearwood (1818-1894) 04-Apr-2009 New
John Walter IV of Bearwood - drowned in the lake Christmas Eve 1870 04-Apr-2009 New
Arthur Fraser Walter of Bearwood (1846-1910) 04-Apr-2009 New
The Basingstoke-Wokingham Railway, proposed in 1895 but never built 29-Mar-2009 New
'Mole' Inn - more historical detail, plus photos from the 1940s 11-Mar-2009 Updated
Monumental Inscriptions in New Churchyard as in 1929 (LHRS) 09-Mar-2009 New
Monumental Inscriptions in Old Churchyard as in 1927-8 (LHRS) 09-Mar-2009 Updated
Inscriptions in Hargreaves Chapel in Old Church, 1927 (LHRS) 09-Mar-2009 New
Inscriptions in New Church, 1929 (LHRS) 09-Mar-2009 New
Empire-Day school group photo from the 1930s - most children identified 04-Feb-2009 Updated
How the Local Newspapers reported the Second World War (Series) 31-Jan-2009 New
Parish Council Cottages - new photo of Swallowfield Road 31-Jan-2009 Updated
Targett's Farm 09-Jan-2009 New
Laying the ghosts - attempts to explain ghost-stories from Arborfield 09-Jan-2009 New
Whitehall Brick & Tile Works - Articles from Mercury & Wokingham Times 01-Jan-2009 New
Arborfield and the Great War - new main article and expanded links 24-Dec-2008 Updated
Rectors - updated with the move of David Rowe to Lee Abbey in Devon 18-Nov-2008 Updated
The Local History Recording Scheme ('LHRS' - main article) 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - Rural Remedies 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - The Bull Inn Club 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - Monumental Inscriptions (Old and New Churches & Churchyards) 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - Old & New Churches 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - Entries from Parish Register 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - Arborfield Hall Laundry, Cottages and Standen Tomb in Old Church 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - The Bullock Family 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - Changes at Newland Farm 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - War History of the village of Arborfield, 1938-1945 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - Exhibition at Arborfield, 1955 10-Oct-2008 New
LHRS - Theft of Lands at Barkham 10-Oct-2008 New
The Royal Merchant Seamen's Orphanage opens at Bearwood, May 1922 29-Aug-2008 New
British Legion Sports Day at Newlands, July 1922 29-Aug-2008 New
Army Point-to-Point Races at the Remount Depot, 1922 29-Aug-2008 New
'Hunting Notes by 'Wryneck', 1921 and 1922 29-Aug-2008 New
The Garth Hunt 29-Aug-2008 Changed
'Hunting in Berkshire' series of 1921: From Bramshill Hunt to Garth Hunt 29-Aug-2008 New
The Cope family of Bramshill House, Hampshire 29-Aug-2008 New
The 'Bramshill Hunt' P.H. 29-Aug-2008 Updated
Tithe Apportionment Accounts, 1854 - 1922; many farmers named 29-Aug-2008 New
Adjusting to Peacetime: 1919 to 1922 29-Aug-2008 New
Arborfield and the Great War - front page: new link 29-Aug-2008 Updated
Congregational Chapel - additional information 29-Aug-2008 Updated
Families page thoroughly revised - all surnames now in alphabetical order 29-Aug-2008 Updated
Properties - Report on opening of Village Hall, October 1931 25-Aug-2008 New
Retirement of Canon Joshua Anderson, Arborfield Rector, 1945 25-Aug-2008 New
Death of Peter Ditchfield, Rector of Barkham, 1930 25-Aug-2008 New
Battery Sergt-Major William Hayward released from Japanese POW camp 25-Aug-2008 New
Memories - Fete at Arborfield Court, September 1922 25-Aug-2008 New
Kenneth Prescott, Arborfield Court, died December 1922 25-Aug-2008 New
Presentation to James Hayward, Headmaster, 1902 - 1921 25-Aug-2008 New
Presentation to William Verrall, Headmaster, 1921 - 1947 25-Aug-2008 New
Death of James Hellier Rowe, farmer, Targett's Farm, 1922 25-Aug-2008 New
Death of Charles New in accident at Water Mill, Hall Farm, 1921 25-Aug-2008 New
The Bushell family and the 'Bull' Public House 25-Aug-2008 Updated
Death of Edith Bushell of 'Bull' P.H. in 1921 25-Aug-2008 New
Road Traffic and proposals for By-Passes in and around Arborfield 04-Apr-2008 New
A fatal accident of Esme Hiscock in 1950 - and a demand for pavements 04-Apr-2008 New
Review of 'Arborfield & the September 49ers' former Apprentices' web-site 18-Mar-2008 New
Aerial Photos of Arborfield and Newland in the 1940's 15-Mar-2008 New
Squatters and Hut-Dwellers at Arborfield Hall Camp 1946 - 1953 15-Mar-2008 New
Newspaper report of Squatters at Barkham Manor and elsewhere 15-Mar-2008 New
The effect of the M4 on Arborfield and surrounding parishes 15-Mar-2008 Changed
Part of Lot 1 in the 1947 Newlands Auction sale: Ellis Hill Farm (WYSIPIG) 15-Mar-2008 Changed
Arborfield and Newland Parish Council 1948 onwards 24-Feb-2008 Changed
Arborfield Parish Council 1894 - 1947 24-Feb-2008 Changed
Census Data 24-Feb-2008 Changed
The effect of the Motorways on the growth of Arborfield and its neighbours 24-Feb-2008 Changed
1931 Three Villages Show held at Newlands 05-Jan-2008 New
1930 Cottage Garden Show held at the Remount Depot 05-Jan-2008 New
Standen family - Standen Tomb and Plaque, plus enhanced narrative



The 'Bull' P.H. - new links 05-Jan-2008 Changed
Coronation celebrations, 1953 05-Jan-2008 Changed
The closure and rebuilding of the 'Bull', March -July 2007 05-Aug-2007 New
A Fete at the Park in the hot summer of 1976 19-May-2007 New
Enclosure Award for Windsor Forest - details of local land holdings 13-May-2007 New
The 'Bull' P.H. and Parish Cottages - a Victorian Oil Painting 13-May-2007 New
Arborfield and the Great War, as covered by local newspapers 03-Nov-2006 New
William Clark, Landlord of the 'Swan' from 1904, and his family 14-Sep-2006 New
Anthony Walton's 'Country Cameo' newspaper articles from 1965 to 1975 12-Aug-2006 New
Street names, listed in alphabetical order, with derivations where known 12-Aug-2006 Changed
The Collier Collection, plus other Collier postcards 11-Jun-2006 Changed
Reading Library's H. A. Giles Collection: Arborfield Postcards, ca. 1930 28-May-2006 New
Picture Gallery - updated links 28-May-2006 Changed
Martin Shearn's postcards of old Arborfield 01-May-2006 New
Martin Shearn's photographs of Arborfield in the 1960's and 1970's 01-May-2006 New
Aerial Photo of Carter's Hill and Winnersh, 1944, showing 'Starfish site' 14-Jan-2006 New
Arborfield Hall farm - WWII Decoy Site for Reading 14-Jan-2006 Changed
More information on 'Starfish' Decoy Sites 14-Jan-2006 Changed
Reminiscences of Arborfield in the 1910's by Miss A. M. Edwards 14-Jan-2006 New
Arborfield Hall - updated links 06-Jan-2006 Changed
Arborfield Hall Farm - Right of Way dispute - updated links 06-Jan-2006 Changed
Cockleberry Mansion - or was it Cockleberry Cottages? 06-Jan-2006 New
Forced Landing at Arborfield, September 1931 08-Oct-2005 Changed
Bishop's Transcripts of Arborfield Parish Registers from 1700 to 1837 24-Sep-2005 New
Car crash on what is now Sheerlands Road, November 1931 14-Aug-2005 New
Motor-cycle crash on Reading Road, August 1931 14-Aug-2005 New
Cross Lanes Farm and a court case, August 1931 14-Aug-2005 New
Air Crash at Cross Lanes Farm, July 1931 14-Aug-2005 New
The Garth Hunt - includes more photos 06-Aug-2005 Changed
Garth Hunt - Point-to-Point Races, 1926 - now with map 06-Aug-2005 Changed
Memories - Jack Tilley, includes photo 06-Aug-2005 Changed
Centenary Weekend - July 9th and 10th 1994 31-Jul-2005 New
Centenary Weekend 1994 - Street Market 31-Jul-2005 New
Centenary Weekend 1994 - Flower Festival 31-Jul-2005 New
Centenary Weekend 1994 - 5-a-side Football 31-Jul-2005 New
Centenary Weekend 1994 - Tug of War 31-Jul-2005 New
Centenary Weekend 1994 - Barn Dance 31-Jul-2005 New
Centenary Weekend 1994 - Sunday Service 31-Jul-2005 New
Centenary Weekend 1994 - Festival of Motoring 31-Jul-2005 New
Centenary Weekend 1994 - Cricket Match 31-Jul-2005 New
Memories - Rabies in the Reading Area and its effect on village life, 1920 23-Jul-2005 New
Memories - Women's Institute Fete, September 1920 23-Jul-2005 New
Photos from the visit to Silchester, 4th July 2005 16-Jul-2005 New
Auctions - now with a link to Carter's Hill Farm sale, 1919 10-Jul-2005 Changed
Auction of Carter's Hill Farm, 1919 10-Jul-2005 New
The Small Holdings Scheme, 1919 - Betty Grove 10-Jul-2005 New
Properties - descriptions of Carter's Hill House and Tudor House 10-Jul-2005 Changed
Properties - Mill; re-arranged with links to other pages 09-Jul-2005 Changed
Mill - Deed of Arrangement - now a separate article 09-Jul-2005 Changed
Mill Owners 09-Jul-2005 New
Mill Fire 1829 - article in 'The Times' 09-Jul-2005 New
Mill Fire 1829 - article in the 'Reading Mercury' 09-Jul-2005 New
Mill Fire 1861 - article in the 'Reading Mercury' 09-Jul-2005 New
Old Church - updated links, etc. 08-Jul-2005 Changed
New Church interior - including description of Aaron's Head 08-Jul-2005 Changed
Garth Hunt - Point-to-Point Races, 1926 03-Jul-2005 Changed
Notes on an Archaeological Society field-trip to the Old Church 02-Jul-2005 New
Front Page - click on Thos. Pride Map for a larger area 30-May-2005 Changed
Hargreaves Family - a plea for a lost book on their relatives the Dawsons 30-May-2005 Changed
Conroy Family - link to Conroy Chapel Inscriptions, etc. 30-May-2005 Changed
Conroy Chapel Inscriptions 30-May-2005 New
Old Churchyard Inscriptions 30-May-2005 Changed
Church Missionary Society day, Arborfield Grange, 1920 29-May-2005 New
Bartlett's Farm - News item on Tragedy in 1930 29-May-2005 Changed
Auction - Arborfield Hall Furniture; advert in Reading Mercury, 1926 29-May-2005 New
Memories - Empire Day 1926 at Arborfield, Newland & Barkham School 29-May-2005 New
The Garth Hunt - now includes photo of Beagles at the Cross, plus links 29-May-2005 Changed
Garth Hunt - 13 February 1926 at Newlands, with pictures 29-May-2005 New
Garth Hunt - New Year from 'The Mole' Inn 29-May-2005 New
Properties - Royal Merchant Navy School then and now 22-May-2005 New
Properties - the Cross 22-May-2005 Changed
Properties - the Cross Dedication Ceremony, 1920 22-May-2005 New
Pictures - Swan Photo Album; the village in snow 07-May-2005 New
Memories - A Stroll along Arborfield Street, 1910 07-Apr-2005 New
The Bentley Family 07-Apr-2005 Changed
Arborfield Hall - now has two sketches of the 17th Century Manor House 08-Feb-2005 Changed
Arborfield Manor - now has two sketches of the 17th Century Manor House



History of Simonds Bank - from a brochure produced by Barclays Bank



Herbert Lee 27-Dec-2004 New
Magnolia Cottage 27-Dec-2004 Changed
The Opening of the recreation ground at Arborfield Park 21-Dec-2004 New
Arborfield Hall in WWII - 'The Yanks are Here' 21-Dec-2004 New
Newland Council - has photo of School before 1910 extension built 21-Dec-2004 Changed
The Tea Gardens at 'The Swan' 21-Dec-2004 New
Churches 20-Dec-2004 Changed
Congregational Chapel 20-Dec-2004 New
Clive Shurley's Mobile Shops - photos added 20-Dec-2004 Changed
John Simonds' Obituary, 1929 20-Dec-2004 New
Christmas 1925 14-Dec-2004 Changed
The Garth Hunt 14-Dec-2004 Changed
Ordnance Survey Map, one-inch, 6th Edition, No. 169 14-Dec-2004 New
Arborfield and other Loddon Bridges 05-Dec-2004 New
Postcards from Nicky Ford 27-Nov-2004 New
Arborfield Stores 27-Nov-2004 Changed
The 'Bull' P.H. 27-Nov-2004 Changed
The Old Post Office 27-Nov-2004 Changed
The Cross Roads 14-Nov-2004 New
Remembrance Sunday, 2004 14-Nov-2004 New


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