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This is the fifth article for Arborfield in the Berkshire Local History Recording Scheme, reference A6-5:

'Entries from Parish Register'

[Details from the top of the page - showing that the details came from both Arborfield and Newland]

County of Berkshire

Parish of (Hurst,) Arborfield and Newlands.

"Early 19th Century"

A rate made and approved this seventh day of Sept 1807, at Two Shillings and Sixpence in the Pound, for the Relief of the Poore in the Liberty of Newland, in the Parish of Hurst, County of berks. Geo. Strudwick, Overseer.

Casualties from April the 6th to Oct 10 1807.

April 11 Paid for this new book 12-0
  To John Crasswell 3-9
April 14 To Geo. Luckes 2-3
April 18 To John Craswell 3-0
  To George Luke 1-8
  Gave to Hanner Harbett a pair of shoes and nailing 3-8
April 21 Paid to Doctors Wheeler & Newbolt 4-4-0
  Gave to Mrs Marlen 2 lb of mutton when ill 1-4
April 23 Gave to Coxhead to Berry his child 7-6
April 25 To John Craswell 3-0
  To Geo. Luckes 1-8
  To Mrs Merrick, 3 weeks pay 10-3
May 2 Gave to Dame Bamford when ill 2-0
  To John Craswell 3-0
  To Geo. Luckes 1-8
  Paid for Diging Dame Nortons Garden and Cabbage plants 3-0

[Other entries, in the order that they appeared in the Local History Recording sheet]

Nov 15 1816

Gave to Wm Bentley 10 bushels of coals and paid carriage


Jan 24 1817

Paid for a letter


Oct 18 1817

Paid John Crutcher for Housing 1000 of Turff for the poore


April 1822

For taking down the population
Males 148; Females  116


Oct 1 1823

Gave to Mary May when Going to service, a gown & petecoat, 2 aprons 1 shift, pare of stockings, 2 handkerchiefs and a pare of pattens.


Dec 1825

Gave to Wm Murrel a smock frock and a jacket, a pare of Britcher, and a pare of stockings


Dec 1827

Paid for nockelating Susan Ludgate at Reading with the cowpock



For taking down the population the 30th of May & carrying to Bench of Majestyes

Number of Males                     124
Number of Females                  128
Inhabited houses                      46
Inhabited by how many families   49
Uninhabited houses                     2



Gave to John Ward when not able to work
Gave to John Low when no work
Gave to Charles May when no work

Paid postage of letter to Basingstoke




Gave to three sailors in distress



Gave to John Brants boy when going to services, 9 yards of calico and a fustian jacket



Weekly payments
Money expended from March 29 1817 to March 28 1818
Book in debt from the last account

Total expenditure

Collected by two rates




March 28 1818

Book in debt., G. Strudwick Overseer


Rate, three shillings in the pound.

Name and address of recorder: B. Ridler, Woodhaven, School Road, Arborfield, Reading
Date event recorded: 24th October 1940.

With acknowledgements to Reading Local Studies Library

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