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 Centenary Weekend, 1994 - Cricket Match

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Malcolm Steed wrote the following piece for the Centenary Programme:

It seems to be in 'the nature of things' that an idea thought to be breaking new ground is just another case of re-inventing the wheel. So it seems with the village cricket club. On hearing this year that there was a club playing here in 1895, the temptation to re-name the new one 'son of Arborfield Cricket Club' or 'Arborfield Cricket Club - the sequel' was quite strong.

The feeling that Arborfield should have a cricket team was reinforced by the interest shown in the village and the fact that the Park would make an attractive place to play.

In August 1991 an inaugural meeting was held when the rules were approved and a committee formed. The first season was 1992 and, as there was no pitch available, home games were played at Laurel Park, Lower Earley. The enthusiasm of the players, the co-operation of the Football Club and the support of the Parish Council, meant that we were able to prepare a cricket table between the two football pitches at the Park.

Being total novices, as far as laying a reasonably true and hard wearing cricket square was concerned, we were very fortunate to have Derek Patience, then groundsman for Reading Cricket and Hockey Club, giving his advice and assistance. Plans are in hand to increase the size of the square to ten strips, so reducing wear and tear, and to improve the quality of the outfield.

As part of the Centenary Celebrations, the Club will be playing the Parish Council Chairman's XI on Sunday July 10th, and every effort will be made to re-create the sight and atmosphere of a game played by the old club.

Put on your boaters, blazers and bustles, enjoy a cup of tea or something stronger and watch a unique event.

The Cricket Match in action

Well, the game took place, and we have some striking images of the action from Frank Rawlings. However, Cricket matches at the Park have now passed into history. Will the Pavilion ever again play host to visiting cricket teams?

Dressed for the part

Oustide the PavilionMartin Cleaver, Parish Council Chairman and Team CaptainMalcolm Steed and friends

Local farmer Henry Lee plays 'host' - his father owned the land on which the Park now stands Preparing for a runBatsman in action

Defensive playClose shave?About to score

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