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 Memories - Remembrance Sunday 2004

The War Memorial

The Dedication of the War Memorial in 1920

The transformation of the Crossroads, March - November 2004

November 8th 2009



The memorial cross was removed for 6 months in Summer 2004 while the five-way crossroads junction was replaced by a single large roundabout. It was re-sited to the east in October, and the first Remembrance Sunday parade took place in clear cold weather on November 14th.

The whole area had been landscaped a week or two prior to the service. Around 300 people took part, filling the turfed areas either side of the Cross and spilling out onto one lane of the roundabout. In a break with tradition, the parade was directed along Link Way and School Road from and to the British Legion Hall.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see more of the parade and service.

Parade from School Road to the Roundabout Arrival at the MemorialMarching into position around the MemorialPreparing for the Two Minute SilenceAt the going down of the Sun...Jon Ikin speaksDavid Rowley manning the PA systemView from Cole LaneThe Parade re-forms to march to the British Legion HallTraffic re-starts after the parade has departedWreaths laid at the ServiceOn the slip road after diverting via Link WayThe parade enters the British Legion car parkTaking the final saluteJon Ikin and Piers BickerstethTeas and Coffees served after the Parade

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