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Memorials in the Hargreaves Chapel adjoining the Conroy Chapel in the old churchyard of Arborfield.

(copied by Mr Chambers)

The Conroy Chapel in 1937, when the roof was showing signs of decayWhite veined marble tablet in memory of Edward Standen


1. On the north wall near the east window is a white veined marble tablet with frame above which is the crest of the Hargreaves family.

[Latin inscription for Edward Standen, 23rd Sept 1730; Hand-written note:] Transferred to the new church Dec. 1938.


Standen Tomb, in the old Hargreaves Chapel2. Close to no. 1 is a massive dark marble slab supported with short pillars on the south side – the north side rests against the wall; on the slab are white marble effigies of a male & female with a child resting at the foot of the mother and facing her.

The inscription is on the south & coat of arms on both sides of the inscription. [in Latin …]

West side, on an oblong white marble fixed to the stone: "This monument was restored in 1843 by Sir John Conroy Bart".

[Hand-written note:] Transferred to the new church Dec. 1938.

The remaining memorials, nine in number, are white veined marble tablets fixed on the west wall of this chapel. Position of the tablets:

  9 10 11
5 6 7 8

3. In loving memory of Edith the beloved daughter of Thomas Hargreaves Esqre. of Arborfield Hall and wife of Viscount Exmouth of Canonteign Devon. Born 1860 – Died 1914. Also in loving memory of George Dawson youngest son of the late Washington Jackson Esqre. of County Monaghan, and 41 Belgrave Square, Died October 16th 1914 aged 73.

4. In loving memory of Edward 4th Viscount Exmouth of Canonteign Devon, Born 1861, died 1899.

5. Washington Jackson Esq. youngest son of James Jackson Esq. of County Monaghan by Mary daughter of Norman Steel Esq. of Monalty Carrickmacross. Born Jan 21st 1784, Died at his residence 41 Belgrave Square London: July 14th 1865.

6. Anna Maria widow of Washington Jackson Esq., and eldest Daughter of the late George Dawson, Ferriby Yorkshire, Captain of Colonel Tarleton’s Regiment of Light Dragoons, Born at Burlington New Jersey U.S.A. Oct 22nd 1798 Died at 41 Belgrave Square London Oct 7th 1879. Her children arise up and call her blessed.

7. God is Love. In memory of Arthur, eldest son of Thomas Hargreaves Esqr. of Arborfield Hall: Born August 28th 1859, Died October 25th 1878.

8. In memory of Thomas Hargreaves of Arborfield Hall, and the Mount, Bishopstoke, Esquire J.P. and Honble. Lieut. R.N.R. eldest son of John Hargreaves of Broadoak Lancashire, Born December 21st 1832, Died September 28th 1891.

9. Sacred to the memory of Pelsant Reeves Late of Arborfield House Esqre. who with a remarkable serenity of temper and cheerfulness of disposition attain’d to the great age of eighty four. Beloved by all that knew him, and after a gradual decay, during the last two years expir’d without a groan Sixth Febry. 1764. He married Jane Daughter of John Mason of Kent, Esqre., by whom he had six children, three who survived him and three that died young, who are buried with him in the adjacent Vault. In grateful remembrance of the best of husbands his widow caus’d this Monument to be erected.

10. In the vault beneath rest the mortal remains of George Dawson of Yorkshire; he married Elmira the only surviving child of John Reeves of Arborfield, by his wife Dorothy, the daughter of Charles Gore, of Hockstow, in the county of Lincoln. He died 30th April 1832 in the 69th year of his age. His son inscribes this tablet to the memory of an affectionate father.

11. In memory of John Reeves, of Arborfield House, Esqre. of Berkshire and one of the verderers of Windsor Forest, Died at Andover May 20th 1814, aged 80 years, also Ann Reeves, widow of the above, died at Andover May 7th 1837, aged 90 years. Their only surviving son caused this tablet to be erected.

The east window is of three lancets with four smaller lancelets above. The central lower light represents the Virgin Mother seated with the infant Christ holding an orb in his left hand, underneath the words "Emmanuel". The two side lights are of brown coloured glass & leaf designs. The other window on the south side of this chapel is also of three lancets & coloured. The centre one contains the arms of the [blank] family. A stag as crest; [faded drawing of crest]. "Fortetudine et prudentia". This window has recently been broken at the base.

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