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Disputes about the Right of Way through Arborfield Hall Farm

Photo of Cocklebury Mansion,
part of the
Local History Recording Scheme

These Tudor buildings were called either Cockeberry Cottages or Cockleberry Mansion, and were located within the Hall grounds at the corner of Barrett Lane and Carter's Hill Lane.

They were demolished some time after 1906 when this photo was taken.  Even at this time, they were in a considerable state of disrepair. They were mentioned during a Court Case held in 1953 to resolve disputes about Rights of Way. According to Arthur Bentley, Clerk to Arborfield and Newland Parish Council, who was one of the parties in the dispute:

"There were only 3 or 4 dwellings at Carters Hill and another called Cockleberry Mansions at the end of what we knew as HUNDRED ACRES .... Cockleberry Mansion was last repaired by me about 1920 but it was subsequently purchased we understood by some Americans who rebuilt it elsewhere."



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