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Article on the old church before removal of Conroy Chapel roof, 1939

Articles on the Old Church by Leslie North, in the Reading Chronicle, 1960s



This is the sixth article for Arborfield in the Berkshire Local History Recording Scheme, reference A6-6:

'Arborfield Hall Laundry, demolished.
Cottages & Standen Tomb in Hargreaves Chapel'

The Laundry before demolitionAnother view of the Laundry before demolition

Arborfield Hall Old Laundry

Photos taken by Miss C. Simonds in April 1927, during the demolition of the buildings by Mr Allsebrook.

The Tudor Cottages before demolition

“Tudor Cottages” at Arborfield Hall Farm near the Hall.

Photo taken by Miss F. Druett in 1926. The cottages were pulled down in October 1926 by Mr. Holdstock after he had purchased the Farm from Mrs. Hargreaves. Therefore probably of about the same date as the Laundry, with modern additions.

The Standen Tomb in the Hargreaves Chapel, Old Church The Standen memorial in the Hargreaves Chapel, Old Church

Detail of the Standen Tomb in the Hargreaves Chapel, Old Church The child, facing towards her parents, in the Standen Tomb at the old church

The Standen Tomb in the Hargreaves Chapel adjoining the Old Church before it was removed to the New Church in January 1939.

Photos taken by Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Carlisle.

Name and address of recorder: C. B. Willcocks, 47 St. Peters Avenue, Caversham Heights, Reading
Date event recorded: 20th May 1941.

With acknowledgements to Reading Local Studies Library

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