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 Memories -  Jubilee Walk, 4th June 2012



Arborfield marked the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in several ways, one of which was a walk along the country byways on Monday 5th June, organised by Jane Armstrong. After the heavy rains of Sunday, the weather held off for the morning, though it was much cooler than usual. 

An eclectic mix of horse and pony riders, cyclists, walkers, dogs and pushchairs set off from the Park in Swallowfield Road, crossed the roundabout and along Coles Lane, then completed a circle via Hughes Green, Church Lane, Carters Hill, Gravelpithill Lane and back along Coles Lane to the Park.

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First to leave the Park The remaining horse-riders prepare to leave
... followed by the walkers From Swallowfield Road to the roundabout
From the roundabout to Coles Lane Half-way to the Coles Lane ford, Mole Brook
The Hughes Green ford, Mole Brook Waiting at the Mole Road junction at Hughes Green
Taking the outside of the bend on Mole Road Reading Room Cottage, Church Lane
Leaving Church Lane at Reading Room Cottage Passing Monk's Cottage
Jan Heard, who sold rosettes for the RDA Through the Carters Hill ford, Mole Brook
Passing Tudor Cottage, Carters Hill Across Mole Road onto Gravelpithill Lane
Also deposited on Gravelpithill Lane that day.... Refreshment Stop at Ellis Hill Farm
Over the footbridge at Coles Lane Ford The water was higher than normal at the ford
Back over the roundabout Alison Ward leads along Swallowfield Road

The weather stayed showery for several days afterwards; it was a good job that the event didn't take place a week later. This was the scene at the Coles Lane ford late in the afternoon of Monday June 11th, following a day's rain; the ponies would have been totally submerged:



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