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 Memories - Cottage Garden Show 1930

Three Villages Show 1931

This article appeared in the 'Reading Mercury'.


Good Entries & Quality at Arborfield


List of Awards and Sport Results

The entries and exhibits were well up to the standard at the annual show of the Newland, Arborfield and Barkham Cottage Garden Society, which was held at the Remount Depot, Arborfield, on Saturday. Among the not-for-competition exhibitors were Mrs. Williamson and Mrs. Prescott. A large crowd was present, while in addition to the show the side-shows proved attractive.

Among those present were the president, Mr. John Simonds, and Mr. E. M. Sturgess, the Rev. J. A. Anderson, Mr. F. S. White, Major and Mrs. H. F. Tanner, Mr. and Mrs. Williamson, and others.

The committee were as follows:- Mr. W. C. Grand (chairman), Mr. M. Goddard (vice-chairman), Messrs. W. Armstrong, S. Bennett, E. Cox, G. Eades, A. Edwards, J. Gutteridge, J. Hunt, B. Kent, H. Middleton, jun., A. V. Pederson, F. Taylor, C. H. Steele, T. H. Windsor, Mesdames Anderson, Bayliss, Crocker, Cox, Jervoise, Jones, Smith, Scott, and Messrs. J. Edwards, E. Cordery and W. H. Willoughby.

The hon. treasurer was Mr. A. F. Jones, and the hon. secretary was Mr. W. J. Verrall, to whom great credit is due for the way in which the arrangements were carried out.

The following were in charge of the side-shows: Mr. W. Willoughby, Mrs. C. W. Crocker, Miss K. Bowyer, Mrs. Cox, Miss Lloyd, the Misses Drewitt, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. A. F. Jones, Miss Blamire, Mr. C. Steele, Mr. W. Armstrong, Mr. H. Higgs, Mrs. Scott, Mr. Edwards, Mr. J. Hunt, Mr. M. Goddard and Mr. F. Taylor.

A dance was held in the Arborfield School Hall, the music being supplied by Mrs. Edwards’ band. The M. C. was Mr. G. Bentley, while the helpers included Messrs. F. Edwards and Steele.

(Prizes, not listed in detail, were divided into Divisions, one of which was for Cottagers who employ no professional assistance.)

With acknowledgements to the Reading Chronicle Series.

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