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 New Church - Interior from 1940's

Monuments in new churchyard, as recorded in 1929

New church under construction, from the east

New church under construction, from the west

Inscriptions in the New Church, as recorded in 1929

New church interior, 1994




Here's the interior of St. Bartholomew's from a photo believed to be taken in the early 1940's when it was felt prudent to record the details in case of enemy attack (though it could have been taken as early as the 1920's).

The main changes since that time appear to be the enamelled banners and shields visible around the arch and around the walls of the Chancel, but the Minute Book from the 1930's to the mid-1950's show that the changes were more than skin deep. 

The oil lamps were of course replaced by electric lighting, but not until the mid-1950's, and the subsequent tradition of switching off lights in the body of the church during the sermons has long since lapsed. Electric heaters around the walls add comfort in cold weather - it's no longer necessary to wrap up well in wintertime. 

Here's the text on the enamel plates in the Chancel:

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