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Farewell to Captain and Mrs. Goater

(From December 6th 1919)

Barkham Farewell Party to Captain Goater

The members of the Working Menís Club on Thursday night arranged a very successful whist drive in the Village Hall in Barkham. It was designed as a farewell party to Captain Goater, whose military duties at the Remount Depot have ceased, and who has been transferred by the War Office to Yorkshire.

Ever since he came to the depot he has identified himself with the work and activities of the parish, and the inhabitants could not think of allowing him to leave without bidding him God-speed.

The company numbered about fifty, and amongst those who were present were: The Rev. P. H. Ditchfield, Rector of Barkham, Captain and Mrs. Goater, Mrs. and Mr. Frank Jurgenson, etc.

The prizes were given by Mr. and Mrs. Ditchfield, and the following were the winners:- Ladies: 1, Mrs. Dorothy Harris; 2, Miss Kerse, while Mrs. Renwick won the prize for the lowest score. It was appropriate that Captain Goater should win the first gentlemenís prize, while the others were won by Mr. Langford and Mr. Phillips, who has recently returned from Canada.

The Rector, on behalf of the committee, made a presentation of a parting gift to Captain Goater.

  • He said that Captain Goater, both at the depot and in the parish, had won the respect and affection of all who knew him.
  • He had been the greatest help and supporter of all the good work in the parish, and had been his right hand in everything.
  • He had acted as sidesman, and not only sang in the choir himself, but he had brought a large number of the soldiers of the 61st Squadron to sing with him.
  • He had helped in their social evenings, their concerts and entertainments, and he would be greatly missed.
  • The parishioners of Barkham were extremely sorry to lose him, and would never forget the kind services he had rendered, and they wished him and Mrs. Goater much happiness in their new home.

The Rector then presented to him a handsome pipe and pouch, and said that when Captain Goater was smoking it he would sometimes think of his old friends in Barkham.

Captain Goater then feelingly responded, saying how much he had appreciated the kind thoughts that had prompted the gift, which had taken him completely by surprise, and how much interest he had taken in the welfare of the village.

The proceedings concluded with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne", and three cheers for Capt. and Mrs. Goater.

All the arrangements for this very successful evening were made by Mr. Humphries, secretary of the club, and the committee, Messrs. Harris, Evans, and others.

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