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Photos and postcard of Newland Farm Buildings



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Photographs of Lot 2: Newland Farm Cottages

Newland Farm used to be known as 'Arborfield Farm', and there was another holding confusingly named 'Newland Farm' in Carter's Hill, which is now called 'Carters Hill House'.  This photo of the Farm Cottages was taken in 1994. They are between the Swan public house, just off to the left, and Mileham Cottage, to the right. They used to be directly opposite the blacksmith's forge and wheel-pit; the outline of the single-story workshop is preserved in the hairdresser's, whose sign can be seen to the right.

Cottages on Eversley Road, adjacent to the Swan P.H.

The cottages had mains water and gas, but in common with most of the houses on Eversley Road in the village centre, they had to wait many years before getting mains electricity.

In the mid-1970's, the brewers Courage, Simonds and Barclay closed the old Simonds brewery in Reading, and replaced it with the 'Berkshire Brewery' alongside Junction 11 of the M4. The fermenting vessels for the new brewery were brought through Arborfield on several successive Sundays, as shown in the photo below. The Farm Cottages are to the right.

The loads filled the width of the road, and engineers were on hand to raise power and telephone cables as they passed through the village: 

One of the fermenting vessels passing through Eversley Road towards Reading

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