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 Families: Mrs. Walter, of Bearwood Mansion

John Walter III (1818-1894)

Arthur Fraser Walter


Mrs. Walter, widow of John Walter III of Bearwood, proprietor of 'The Times', died in February 1917. Born Flora Macnabb, she was his second wife, 18 years his junior, and she out-lived him by 23 years. John's first wife was Emily Francis Court, who died very young.

The following article revealed the sheer number of Canadian staff and patients sharing the mansion and grounds with Mrs. Walter:


The funeral of Mrs. Walter took place on Friday last week at Bear Wood. The service was conducted by the Rev. H. M. Walter, rector of St. Paulís Wokingham, and the Rev. Major W. H. Bayley, rector of Bear Wood.

Those present included:

Captain Philip Walter, R.N.,
Major Godfrey Walter
Mr. Herbert Walter,
Lieut. Ralph Walter,
Lieut. Stephen Walter,
Colonel R. L. Walter,
Sir Frederick G. Heygate,
Mr. David Erskine,
the Rev. James Macnabb and Mrs. Macnabb,
Mr. and Mrs. Wiggett,
Mr. Gaspard Farrer,
Mr. H. L. Farrer,
Mr. John Simonds
(Newlands), and Miss Simonds,
Mrs. Martineau,
Mr. Henry Thomas,
the Misses Cobham,
Major Robert Wodehouse,
and Mr. Charles Cowall.

In addition to wreaths from a few very intimate friends, a floral tribute in the form of a maple leaf was sent by the 900 Canadian soldiers who, under the command of Major Wodehouse, are at present occupying Bear Wood as a convalescent home.

Memorial stone to Flora Walter, born 1836, married 1861, died 1917

A stone on the Walter family memorial at Bearwood states: 'Flora Walter, Born 1836, Married 1861, Died Feb 5 1917'

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