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 Memories - Stan and Daphne Bennett




Stan and Daphne Bennett have lived in the village for many years, and until the late 1960's, they lived in one of the Ducks' Nest Cottages which have since been demolished and replaced by the two detached houses 'Mallards' and 'Brokers'. When the Bennetts first moved in, the cottage had no mains water, drainage, gas or electricity, but as these became available, Stan added water, gas and electricity to his cottage.

This photo shows the Bennetts' house, which was the left-hand cottage of a block of three. David Bye and his mother lived in the middle cottage then they moved to the next group of cottages further towards Ducks Nest Farm. Relatives of the Bennetts lived in the right-most cottage. 

At the History Society's 'Reminiscences' day on 23rd August 2004, Daphne shared memories from her time working at Langley Farm, which was the 'hospital' for the Remount Depot along Langley Common Road.


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