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 Local History Recording Scheme: Ref. A6-3

Conroy Chapel Monuments

Hargreaves Chapel Monuments

Monuments in the old churchyard, as recorded in 1927-8

Inscriptions in the New Church, as recorded in 1929

Monuments in new churchyard, as recorded in 1929

This is the third article for Arborfield in the Berkshire Local History Recording Scheme, reference A6-3:

'Monumental Inscriptions (Old & New Churches) & C’Yards'

'Accompanying this book is a MS. book containing copies of the Memorial Inscriptions in Arborfield Churches and Churchyards, as follows: -

19 Inscriptions in the Old Church (including the Conroy Chapel)

37 Inscriptions in the Old Churchyard

12 Inscriptions in the New Church

114 Inscriptions in the New Churchyard.

This book has been deposited in the Reading Reference Library.'

(hand-written addition: 'On local room shelves').

Name and address of recorder: L.H. Chambers, Fairlight, Ridgmont Road, St. Albans

Date event recorded: 1927-8.

Date Received: 11.4.34

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With acknowledgements to Reading Local Studies Library

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